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Okay pplz. Anime Action Fig (Me) wants to make a collab vid for Gold, Guns and Girls by Metric. But wait, we have one little issue : I can't animate fo Shiz!
So i'm thinking, why not help a sad cause (a.k.a me) by getting some good animators to help me. I'm thinking 'YES'. The song is A-mazing! The vid will be A-mazing! I just need some peeps to help me.

So if you know any good animators for example:
Gate-Keeper Girl

Then tell them please! I know what ur thinking!
You: Man, cut the crap. Those ppls are higher ups. They don't care and plus, they're to busy with Auracore or whatever their little group is.
Me:: I know but let's take a chance! We might be the little guy and they might be THE MAN but still! We can do this.

SO! Thanx to that pointless dialogue, you must finally get it... unless you're like , you know 'retarded'. So please, HELP!



2010-03-16 12:38:28 by animeactionfigure121

I need a new anime to watch, like fo serious.
I've watched/watching:
Fruit Basket
Ouran Host Club
Death Note
Fullmetal Alchemist
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Vampire Knight

So if u got any other ones, it would be much appreciated :)

Hey hey Y'ALL!
Ok, so remember how I emailed Jeinu for a request. Well, I got a reply from this talented hombre! He said that it will cost over 2000 USD just to get recognized and added as an idea. Then there will be the usual added costs 2, which to me is ALOT!!! But ofcourse who could blame them, its alot of work just to get everything set up and spew out some ideas and then to create a story board, gosh I break out in a sweat just thinking bout it! But GUD NEWS, FOLKS! Their busy for their busy for the right reasons! They have their hands full with two other vids and a game at the moment!
The vids are:
1) Music Vid for "Dreaming" by Imogen Heap
2) Another vid for MUSE
3) Some Wacky GAME!!!
So NO WORRIES. Theyv'e taken my request into concideration but I cant promise anything! BYE BYE


2009-07-01 13:09:05 by animeactionfigure121

So I had asked Jeinu, one of the best artist I'd found on this website to do a music video of the song "Shooting Star" by Air Traffic with the rest of his group, AuraCore. I know they'll do an amazing job of it, now I'll just have to wait for a response, if you people agree or disagree that its a gud idea comment and voice ur opinion!

And the pic is just to be there I suppose :P



2009-06-17 08:18:45 by animeactionfigure121

SO! I'm doing exams now and I'm soooo super bored so I did this...yeah yeah, I've noticed that its crappy 2XD



2009-06-08 11:58:00 by animeactionfigure121

Ok, so the whole music thing was a bust, but I have not given up yet!
I stll want to contribute something to Undergrounds but the only thing I know how to do is Fl studios music and now that I've been "banned" (eww, sounds like a bad word) from making music contributions, I need somthing else. I'm gud with ideas so if anybody needs an idea for a music vid or a movie send ur idea or song to me and I'll think of some ideas so atleast I'm doing some gud XD

Bad bad bad news guys! Those stupid losers of Underground has banned me of making music submitions! I asked why? they had not answered so yeah. Does anybody know if thisis a temporary ban or is it forever, cause I'm seriously PISSED! X(!


2009-06-07 06:52:39 by animeactionfigure121

Okay Guys, so I finally contributed to Newgrounds by making an audio but these people have to check over it to make sure its gud because I'm a "newbie". Hopefully it goes ok cause I worked my ass off on it. If it doesnt go well then that's three hours of my life lost... deep aren't I?XD

Nothing Special

2009-06-05 14:17:08 by animeactionfigure121

I have nothing new to say...meh XD

Hey I'm starting to get the hang of this "Artweaver" nonsense but I still want flash, so instead of getting the really expensive thing, I'm gonna find my inner cheap ass (not hard) and download the Flash XS...LOL!

Another Artweaver,,,"great"