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Entry #13

Collab Vid? HELL YES!

2010-03-21 09:54:38 by animeactionfigure121

Okay pplz. Anime Action Fig (Me) wants to make a collab vid for Gold, Guns and Girls by Metric. But wait, we have one little issue : I can't animate fo Shiz!
So i'm thinking, why not help a sad cause (a.k.a me) by getting some good animators to help me. I'm thinking 'YES'. The song is A-mazing! The vid will be A-mazing! I just need some peeps to help me.

So if you know any good animators for example:
Gate-Keeper Girl

Then tell them please! I know what ur thinking!
You: Man, cut the crap. Those ppls are higher ups. They don't care and plus, they're to busy with Auracore or whatever their little group is.
Me:: I know but let's take a chance! We might be the little guy and they might be THE MAN but still! We can do this.

SO! Thanx to that pointless dialogue, you must finally get it... unless you're like , you know 'retarded'. So please, HELP!



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2010-03-24 14:23:43

I wish you luck. I wish I was a good animator. lol.

animeactionfigure121 responds:

haha thanx :P


2010-06-19 16:45:10

Well. Don't know how to animate either. Can't do shit. xD Sorry.


2011-06-16 07:52:00

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