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Music Video INFO!!! :O

2009-07-31 10:40:23 by animeactionfigure121

Hey hey Y'ALL!
Ok, so remember how I emailed Jeinu for a request. Well, I got a reply from this talented hombre! He said that it will cost over 2000 USD just to get recognized and added as an idea. Then there will be the usual added costs 2, which to me is ALOT!!! But ofcourse who could blame them, its alot of work just to get everything set up and spew out some ideas and then to create a story board, gosh I break out in a sweat just thinking bout it! But GUD NEWS, FOLKS! Their busy for their busy for the right reasons! They have their hands full with two other vids and a game at the moment!
The vids are:
1) Music Vid for "Dreaming" by Imogen Heap
2) Another vid for MUSE
3) Some Wacky GAME!!!
So NO WORRIES. Theyv'e taken my request into concideration but I cant promise anything! BYE BYE


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2009-08-01 22:51:26